Design and fabrication

of heating and

air conditioning units

for an OEM installation

on special vehicles.


Voie E - Z.I. de Mariage

F - 69330 PUSIGNAN


Tél.: +33 4 72 93 10 10

Fax : +33 4 72 93 10 19



KALORI designs and produces heating, air conditioning, ventilation units and accessories for an OEM installation on special and industrial vehicles.

We have a large range of standard components but we can develop specific components as well.

Created in 1993, KALORI has over 100 employees in France and 50 employees at the sister site in China, for an annual turnover of 19M€, with 55% of that number being international export.

Our ways of calculating and testing allow us to develop with precision an air conditioning in a cab and to confirm it by testing the obtained performances.

Our test laboratory verifies the compatibility of the installation with the standards.

We can also pressurize any type of vehicle.

KALORI has developed partnerships with the largest machine and special vehicle constructors.