Design and manufacture of heating and air conditioning systems for OEM of special vehicles

Kalori manufactures heating systems (aerotherms, electric heaters, convector heaters) and air conditioning systems for special and industrial vehicles of mid-volume and low-volume productions (ambulances, coaches, recreational vehicles, boats, mini cars, agricultural machines , construction machines, forklift trucks, telescopic vehicles) as well as ventilation accessories (roof ventilator), air duct parts (air diffusers, grilles, connectors), valves, mechanical or electronic control systems. This global solution is intended to equip special vehicles or cabins with the appropriate air conditioning system.

In order to test and validate its heaters and HVAC systems Kalori is equipped with a large climatic chamber with solar radiation and relative humidity. This climatic chamber is available to companies who want to test their products in extreme climate conditions. The climatic chamber is equipped with sophisticated measurement devices which enable the development of pressurization systems.